In the ’90s, international company grading, business information providing and debt collection spread as new services in Hungary.
Customers have realized, that being aware with the help of information providing, is an advantage, helps secure businesses, reduces the risk of decision-makers.
Debt collection is a chance to legitimate claims, help to maintain liquidity.

Companies operating in the field carry out creditor protecting tasks, and help fighting against black economy efficiently. With the help of the international information service members of the organization strongly support export-import businesses and promote international awareness of domestic enterprises.

Information providing and debt collection was originally started by specialized companies, usually with international background, in the ’90s.

In recognition of the profession, in 1993 MAKISZ was founded.

Members of MAKISZ may only be businesses, which comply with the requirements set out in the Code of Ethics, and have demonstrated their ability to carry out their activities legally, effectively and in accordance with the client’s needs, over a substantial period of time in business.
The purpose of this webpage is to give information on the contact details and the operational framework of companies, which are members of The Association of Hungarian CMS Companies and Business Information Providers (MAKISZ), and who carry out their activities in the field of credit management and business information providing, in accordance with the norms set out in Articles of Association.